Modelling exponents


  • Ash Asudeh University of Rochester/Carleton University
  • Tina Bögel University of Konstanz & University of Frankfurt
  • Dan Siddiqi Carleton University


exponence, realization, morphophonology, morphology-prosody interface, LrFG, Distributed Morphology, morphology


This paper discusses the mapping from exponenda—bundles of morphosyntactic information about distribution and function/meaning—to exponents in the recently established LrFG framework. We focus on the phonological, prosodic, and morphosyntactic constraints modelled in v(ocabulary)-structures, the LrFG representations of exponents. A v-structure is the output of the ν-mapping from an exponendum. Such mappings are listed in the Vocabulary as vocabulary items (VIs). Thus, the Vocabulary is a list of mappings from exponenda to exponents. From our v-structure representations of exponents, we derive a factorial typology of phonological dependence in formal terms. We also give a fully worked-out analysis of the English deadjectivizing verbalizer affix -en.